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team building schwarzkopf Team Building
Participating in an exercise in communication, effective listening skills and the power of a truly synchronized team has great benefit for any business.
It promotes the power of non-verbal communication. Any feelings of isolation and dissent disappear, as the drumming experience bonds every participant in becoming a motivated and unified group.

conferences internationalConferences
Traditionally drumming has been used as a prelude to community functions. Drumming can be used to great effect to both open and close conferences - drawing people together, celebrating success and ensuring that the delegates leave feeling invigorated and motivated.

leadersip transfor mation change management coca colaLeadership, Transformation and Change Management
The assurance of a sound foundation provided within an organisation can assist both groups and individuals to better cope with change. Drumming showcases the support that a solid foundation provides and through being a part of this, delegates can accept change as a necessary component of evolution and growth within their working environment. This improves and identifies their effectiveness and leadership qualities. Individuals are challenged to lead, compliment and draw insightful analogies through the principles of music and drumming.

incentive groups sanofiIncentive Groups
Incentive group drumming rewards the participants acknowledging their contribution and this experience allows them to celebrate their achievements by making music and relaxing together.

conflict resolution nsw premiers departmentConflict Resolution
With the proliferation of negative interaction between individuals and teams, the handling of conflict is often very difficult. Drumming together helps break down barriers to create a more effective and harmonious environment. Workshops are run to showcase the strength of working together - bridge the divide.

client functions crittendensClient Functions
A drum circle is an effective way to thank and acknowledge clientele for their support in business. It consolidates a long-term relationship between the company and the clients by giving back to them in a unique and positive manner. A shared drumming experience facilitates the development of loyalty and trust.

stress release insurance lineStress Release
Drumming has been proven to activate and enhance the Alpha state, release stress and tension, enhance focus and clarity of thought. These workshops provide a platform for participants to release stress and through this they are able to meet their daily challenges.

christmas celebrations ibmChristmas Celebrations
Drumming is fun and because it includes everyone and acknowledges contributions, it energizes the group, creating a constructive way in which to celebrate.

after work get togethers microsoftAfter-Work get-togethers
So much time is spent at our place of work interacting with our colleagues - drumming provides a great alternative to get people to relax, de-stress, break the ice and enjoy each others company.

road shows BPRoad shows
Extend your company spirit to the furthest corners of the country and the smallest branches of your organization. Ensure that all employees share the same experience - drum it!

product launches promotions novotelProduct Launches and Promotions
The use of this medium attracts the attention of your audience to discover unique ways of creating excitement around your product or promotion.

self actualization russell corporationSelf-Actualization
Drumming is a catalyst to enhance personal and self-awareness. Participating in a rhythmic experience with a group encourages self-expression and personal growth.

encouraging creativity photo corporattion australiaEncouraging Creativity
Unlike most activities, that use one side of the brain, drumming uses both right and left-brain hemispheres. By unlocking and integrating the two hemispheres, drumming encourages creative and logical processing, thereby employing a balanced approach to ones thinking and development.

drumming events team building exercise ideas

There are two main principles for creating successful music as a group:

Everyone is supported by the same beat.

We listen to each other.

If the group follows these principles then as a group, we are able to build a community, i.e. more than just working together.

A community that is non competitive.

A community that realizes that we are all here for the same reason.

We can make music.

drumming events team building exercise ideas

For corporate team building and corporate entertainment, dynamic companies in Australia have been incorporating the Drum Café in sales meetings, conferences and company gatherings, to show how through team work, if they can play to the same beat and listen to each other, then as a company they can make music!




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