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"Well done Drum Cafe. It was a great experience and for us a highly worthwhile team bonding experience with powerful messages linked to our business goals and cultural improvement work. It couldn't have been more relevant."
Tanja van Heerden, Snr Manager, People Management - Cuscal

"ING DIRECT used the services of DRUM CAFE at our All Staff Forum in February 2007 as a unique way to launch our new Cultural Values program.  The event was a great success as staff thoroughly enjoyed having an active role in the Forum by taking part in the drumming workshop and working together to create music. We found it was an effective way to communicate our key messages to staff, while ensuring the event was both memorable and motivating."
Michelle O'Neill, Communications Consultant - ING Direct

"The fun and energy, the inclusiveness and the togetherness created through music."
Judy Mann, Manager, Directorate of Regional Operations and Engineering Service - Roads and Traffic Authority

"I just want extend our sincere appreciation to you for the wonderful performances that were conducted in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. The interactive drumming sessions as well as the African Chillout were most definitely the highlight of our event."
Eric Baravilala, Business Tourism Manager - South African Tourism

"Your team was friendly and professional and helped create a memorable experience for all our delegates."
Mei Mei Ng, senior event executive - The Audience Motivation Company Asia

"The feedback has been terrific - Drum Cafe was a wonderful way to farewell a colleague, and of
course for a group of work colleagues, there was a great team building aspect as well."
Roger Selby, Head of Compliance Australia New Zealand - Deutsche Bank

"It was a fun event. Also I liked the way it involved everyone, easily engaged everyone and related the event to the objectives of our workshop."
Qantas with training company Karibu

"We were invigorated by the experience, the hour flew by and we wished it would have gone on
Brad Jelfs, Business Productivity Group - Microsoft

"The uniqueness of the experience and it is a one off opportunity for all contributors to come together, step outside their comfort zone and have some fun."
Janine Owen - CREATE Foundation

"The drum café was fantastic – well done guys and I am sure we will see you all again. "
Joyce Chin - Eventful Management

"Top Marks all round, I thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely recommend it."
Anna-Lisa Konarska, SAP Security Specialist - Nestle

"We have received very positive feedback from loads of staff. Given, the last minute decision to include you I think it all ran very smoothly."
Tracy Higgisson - MBF

"The Drum Cafe did an excellent job, bringing people together with instruments, and it was amazing
what was achieved in an hour."
Ling Wong, Business Development Manager - Canon

"Thank you on behalf of Joe and myself for helping making our function extremely special. The drums were a huge success and were the highlight of the night. We were really impressed that everyone participated whilst enjoying themselves at the same time and I've received comments from our Maitre d', Mass Rahim, this morning that "in all the years he has worked at the bank he has never seen the function room so alive". Even the security staff have never heard that much noise filtering down to Ground Floor from Level 34!!!"
Leigh Bradbury - ANZ

"I thought it was exhilarating, energising and a lot of fun. I loved the idea that drumming is used in
Africa before important meetings or decisions. We should do it each term."
Maria Gray, Senior Counsellor - TAFE

“We had a fantastic time. I wanted the drumming to go on for longer.”
MRO World Star City

"I will definitely be recommending your group to others. I am continually receiving nothing but positive feedback."
Carla McDonald, Regional Business Manager - South NSW Rural Fire Service

“The session you ran generated tremendous excitement and enthusiasm among my Sales team
members. It was the first time most had participated in such an activity, and the message of the
synergies from working together was not lost on them.”
David Katz, General Manager Sales - Optus

"It was really well received and set an up-beat theme and a level of trust in the group. It had an underlying theme of stop, listen breathe... and then join the beat harmoniously. The group had to watch and listen to beats to get instructions - and by the end of the session you wouldn't know we weren't part of the band. Every session of the day that rolled from this was a success, and I'm sure the drum cafe set us up totally for success!"
Kate Bohr - Commonwealth Bank

"Without a doubt a wonderful way to bring people together. We can't wait for the next drumming

"I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful event on Wednesday. I thought it was just fantastic. To see the group working so well together and creating great rhythm was a great site to see. The concentration and focus that the team demonstrated show great teamwork. A wonderful form of exercise for them too. A number of the team came up to me afterwards saying how great it was and how good it would be to use with their own teams in the future."
Fiona Shelley, Manager - Westpac

"The Drum Cafe program was not only creative, dynamic and invigorating, but was also adapted to
insure that the individual needs of the participants were taken into account. The close was absolutely
sensational and left the group thinking."
Amanda Johnston, Group Manager - Telstra

"Thank you for the fantastic event yesterday with our staff. We have received so much fantastic feedback from the day and in particular from the Drum Café segment."
Simone Smith - Kraft Foods

Outstanding. Very motivating and a fun session to end the day. Fantastic!"
Betty Kristic - Flight Centre Direct

"Loved it! Together we sounded awesome, an inspirational start to team theme conference."
Jeff Allis, Director - Boost Juice

"I feel more at peace than I've been for months. I loved the rhythmical, hypnotic feeling - it's both
tranquillising and energising."
Shona Bagley, Editor - Elle Magazine

"Thank you so much for a fantastic experience at Telstra Stadium. When your team started to play and our participants walked into the room, I actually got a few tears. It was a very moving moment."
Belinda Penton, Learning & Development Coordinator - KPMG

"Thank you very much for the wonderful drumming experience you provided to our team on Friday. Everyone was most impressed!"
Geeta Sully - St George Bank

"The Drum Cafe was perfect !! Woke us all up and got us invigorated for the day ahead. It was amazing how "team" can work together without any verbal communication !! Thanks to everyone, I'll certainly recommend you in the future !!!!"
Tania Perry - BP

"Thanks so much for a fabulous evening. Everyone is just so happy that they drummed. I've been overwhelmed with thanks for organising such an event so I am passing thanks back to you for being such exceptional entertainment."
Tessa Green, Academic Skills and Projects Co-ordinator - Macquarie University

"Thank you for arranging the guys to come [to Bangkok] for our event. Merrill Lynch absolutely loved them and they were the perfect tone and platform for the day, in addition to being really nice and helpful guys... I look forward to hopefully working with you in the future."
Urgyan Mueller, Production Coordinator - Jack Morton Worldwide

"Thank you for your great performance. Everybody is buzzing, we have one flat ring and one broken ring, so very successful!!!"
Belinda Crosbie - Australian Institute of Management

"We were thrilled with the way in which Drum Cafe worked with our team to lift the energy and enthusiasm to a new level. We will use them again for future events."
Usana - Ovations International

"Our guests were enthralled by Africa Chillout. They created such a lovely ambience and really accomplished what we had envisaged."
Sue Wallace - Renniess Travel Destination Management Souther Africa

"Thanks again to Lance and the Team for leading us so sensationally and getting everyone involved and off their seats!"
Megan Booth - Hornsby Girls High School

"I had such a fantastic time. I was very impressed with the way Adam and the guys got the crowd involved and excited about what they were doing."
Simon Gregory, Cellar Door Supervisor - Hungerford Hill Wines

"It is the best way I know of enlivening an event - it certainly starts off the night on a high and reinforces the principle of team work and sprit."
Cheryl Howey, Product Marketing Administrator -Process Gas Solutions

"Everyone is commenting on how fantastic it was and from my perspective the perfect start to the day. It was interesting to watch people engage. It’s a great concept and heaps of fun."
Margaret Owen, Executive Assistant - Business Objects

"I think the best part was to see everyone smiling and feeling the rhythm. It made everyone feel free and happy!"
Kim Schwartz, Executive Assistant - Redballoon

"Thanks for the excellent organisation prior to our Conference, and a special thanks to Lance and the team on the Sunday night. Our group was blown away by such a vibrant and exciting start to our conference and it certainly set the tone for our 4 days together."
Nicky Verdich, Executive Assistant Sales - Wyeth Consumer Healthcare

"A great experience, money well invested, run by dynamic professional people."
Mark Ethell, National Sales Manager - Terumo Corporation

"It really set the mood, and provided a great start to our conference. It is the most talked about part of the day too, since the event, which is great."
Amber Cook - National Mortgage Company

"I want to say how much I enjoyed the Drum Café presentation at the Auckland Primary Principals’ Association Conference (APPA) this week. It was my first experience, though I had heard so much about your group. “Leadership” was the theme of our conference. The drum café certainly showed us about leadership: how people from various backgrounds, varying levels of skills, who hardly know each other, can work together cooperatively, in a short space of time to achieve successful communication  and sweet harmony. AND not a word was spoken. Now that’s amazing! Congratulations."
Sue Tooley, Principal - Papakura South School, Auckland

"It got everyone talking - hopefully to people they have not spoken to before. There was a lot of conversation about how much fun people had and how their thumbs were still hurting on Monday! I think just everyone being a part of the experience together will help to build relationships. Those that didn’t attend the conference would most definitely feel as though they have missed something special." Vanessa Zanotti - Carlson Marketing

"I think many people thought that this was going to be another "standard" teambuilding event but once they entered to the sound of the drums and Lance took control they realised that was going to be something that they could all participate in, regardless of age, fitness and skill level. The fact that the activity was able to get everyone working together without them really having to focus on that was also a plus."
Emma O'Grady - Cooper Hand Tools

"From the moment the music started up this infectious beat just resonated through everyone and people couldn't stop smiling it was fantastic. All round great experience and the feedback from the whole team was very positive."
Holly Sidey - SHL

"We had a very positive event and your segment over our conference dinner was extremely well received. It is referred to often"
"It is without doubt, the best teambuilding event I have ever hosted or attended and this was echoed by almost all who attended tonight."
Stephen Davis - SAP John Fairfax Holding Limited

"The Drum Cafe's session far exceeded my expectations and the group was more engaged than I had hoped for. The event was so unique, it was a talking point throughout the meeting and will be remembered over years to come."
Samantha Ford - Baker and McKenzie

"I enjoyed it thoroughly, I look forward to working with you again in the near future."
Felicity Drake, National Publicity & Promotions - Colombia Tri Star Film Australia

“I can’t believe they were working and drumming together in the first 10 minutes.”
Kerry Fink - Lend Lease Property Management

"Thanks so much for last night. We had such a great night and the drum circle really set the tone for the rest of the evening. The benefits I think were mostly felt in today's planning session. The thing is, we're a small team within a really large global organisation. And we are aiming for greatness within our region. Your team were really astute and picked up on what our business was and what our team needed, almost intuitively. I also want to personally compliment you on your business. Each member of your team treated us with utmost professionalism and respect. The way you organised the event and communicated with us made us feel that every single client that you make contact with is treated as special."
Andrea Hill, Recruiting Director - Resources Global Professionals

"Blown away by the event. It wasn't just a once off
feel good, it was a reference point that we can use in the future for how excellently we work as a team and how much fun we can have doing what we do. Thank you for your dedication in bringing us
this remarkable event."
Ruth Logy - Standard Bank

"We all thorougly enjoyed the Drum Cafe experience and will spread the word!"
Jennifer Quilty -
Barclay Mowlem Construction

"The drumming was therapeutic, most enjoyable and energizing. I hope we will be able to incorporate
you in future events."
Cate Brockbank, Client Manager - Sanofi Synthelabo

"I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team for performing at our Conference last weekend. The Drum Cafe was kept a surprise for our staff and the majority opinion was that it was a great and fun team building activity."
Emma Lonergan - GTA Australasia Pty Ltd

"I just wanted to give you a big 'Thank you' for helping me arrange our team afternoon drumming in the park! Everyone enjoyed the event and many are still chatting about it!"
Natalie Mendez - British American Tobacco

"We have had very positive feedback about the drumming session, all the Gradutes enjoyed themselves."
Georgina Walker, HR Advisor - Corrs Chambers Westgarth

"Oh what a brilliant night! Dean and the crew were awesome! Compliments are pouring in and this is exactly the type of injection we need to kickstart the year... We really enjoyed the spirit of Joy that The Drum Cafe exudes."
Rosalie van Elsen - St Paul's School, Brisbane

"The Drum Cafe did a superb job of energizing and motivating our sales staff. I'd love to be involved in another session!"
Ben Taylor - Reed Business Information

"The group will remember the session for quite a while and our company for presenting it... The impact was high and I’m sure it will help us to strengthen the relationship we have with our existing clients and form new ones with others. Thanks." David Burton - Sabre Pacific

"The opportunity to drum together as a community enhanced by the richness of the culture. That feeling of soul is what added that unique flavour and depth to the drumming experience... That a physical event could cause a significant behavioral change and a shift in attitude in a unique and fun way... The team was noticeably happier and proactive the next day and highly praised the activity.  There was a definite buzz in the air."
Joanne Frank- Woollahra Council

"A big thank you for last night. After you left, everyone was raving about how much fun they had. So thank you again, for making our function a great night."
Catherine Buckley - Henry Davis York

"You have a great team at Drum Cafe and it was an absolute pleasure to work with you all! Yes the feedback has been fantastic from Manchester Unity and it was a very successful event."
Margaret Potter - Artescape

"The DRUM Circle was the perfect finish to our planning workshop. We loved you guys - everyone is still raving about it! Those who didn't go are very jealous now! Maxine was brilliant, so expressive and wonderful. Lance and the other drummers were also excellent. My boss is so impressed he wants to make it an annual thing - too exciting!."
Talia Love Linay - Department of Eductation & Traing Queensland

"I was priviliged to be a part of the wonderful performance your company gave at our annual Conference last weekend.  I was the only lady in the front row facing you on your left.  Thank you for this experience."
Young Travel

"Thank you for all your assistance. The client is
extremely happy! Your guys were great and the sailing superb. Look forward to working with you and several more gigs."
Daphne Kavassilas, Director - The Direct Edge

"Thank you very much for the fantastic work of you and your drummers at Celebrity Theatresports. They really made the event special and many people have complimented them to me."
John Knowles, Artistic Director - Impro Australia Inc and Theatresports

"The session went very well, we all enjoyed ourselves. In particular, Maxine communicated exactly the message I wanted to get across!"
Lisa Price - Boehringer-Ingelheim

"I would like to thank you and the team for Saturday it was a great success and had everyone talking about how much fun they had."
Julie Muller - Omega Appliances - Hagemeyer

"Everyone had so much fun during the drumming event. An excellent way to reinvigorate everyone after lunch!"
Michael Hann, Communications Manager & Organisation Transformation Manager - Unilever

"Many thanks for a wonderful performance on Monday at our conference. Everyone loved it and are still talking about Drum Cafe. You definately made a lasting impression."
Belinda Rochford, Trade Marketing Assistant - Orlando Wyndham

"Your guys were amazing!! They are just so delightful to work with with a whole lot of presence!! They made a huge impact on everyone at the Hilton and we had some marvellous press moments. An absolute success."
Penny Riley, Account Manager - Staging Connections @ the Hilton Sydney

"They loooooooved the drumming! The whole evening was rated 4.75 out of 5, and the Drum Café was an integral part of making this possible."
Chris Carroll - Eventful Management

"It was great to meet you as well. The feedback is still coming in from all quarters. It was a huge success so thank you to yourself and all your group for putting on a great show."
Monica Cole - International Paints

"I have been meaning to email you all day to let you know how much I enjoyed last night. The drumming was a fantastic idea which made for a highly entertaining evening. It was great to catch-up with a number of my HR buddies and the Talkpoint team."
Deborah Stonley - Henry Davis York

"I believe that drumming is a worthwhile motivational tool. I found the whole experience invigorating."
Rob Kaldor, Manager - Strathfield Group Limited

"The sales team had a ball yesterday! We all thought the Drum Café musicians were excellent and we had so much fun. I think we will certainly do it again some time!"
Lynne Hutton -

"I loved the drumming, it was the highlight of the conference."
Orthopedic Surgeon - Smith + Nephew Conference

"Our objective of bringing our newly formed team together was realised with the drumming activity, it was high in energy (perfect for post lunch timing) and fun, it really took some out of their comfort zone and it was great to see by the end of the activity no one was too shy to get up in the middle of the group and dance around with the tamborine, a fantastic ice breaker activity."
Melissa Nolet - Silcar

"The event was beautiful, people loved it. You were outstanding. Thanks you so much for your contribution."
Chris Carroll - The Acorn Project

"The feedback we received from participants to note, was overwhelming, with one comment sent by txt... the drum cafe was brilliant! She was speechless!" Optomeyes

"It's great to offer clients something unique and exhilarating. An ice-breaking fusion of individuals through your musical ensemble and direction... another encore please! Once again, many thanks."
Dorothy Donaldson - Corporate Business Productions & Events

"There was certainly some maraca madness on the lawns of Parliament House last night with a performance from Drum Cafe which kicked off the concert at 20:30. It was great to see so many people sharing the Australia Day Spirit."
Bronwyn Edwards - National Capital Authority

"Thanks once again. You were spectacular."
Louise Webb Events Coordinator - Adrenalin

"It was a fabulous experience working with the mighty Drum Cafe."
Gordon Coulter, Deputy Managing Director - Wrights

"Worth every cent!"
Geoff Crittenden - Crittendens

"Thanks very much to you and your team at the drum cafe. I have had a number of very positive comments about the experience from our top team members."
Mike Giunti, Principal Assistant to the CEO - Zinifex

"Thank you and the rest of your amazing team for your wonderful performance at the Colgate-Palmolive Intercom Event. It was truly amazing to see over 200 Colgate-Palmolive staff drumming to a rhythm as One and you and your team are solely responsible for making this happen. Guests commented on the whole piece, but I think mostly they were amazed that they themselves were involved in such a great piece of music."
Paul Boustani, Events Co-ordinator - Tour Hosts Corporate and Special Events

"Thank you for a job well done....everyone loved the evening and you were a great hit."
Janice Parker - Janice Parker Special Events

"Thanks to the Drum Cafe as our associates had a wonderful and memorable time."
Pina Hasbini -

"Howard, the idea for the team drumming was absolutely genius - it was without a doubt the most powerful and inspiring exercise I have ever done with the team."
Nilanthi Chandrasena - Insurance Line

"Thank you so much. Both our clients and staff enjoyed themselves and we have had only positive feedback from our year end client function."
Remonda Sukkar, Marketing - Henry Davis York Lawyers

"It was a triumph"
Annie Rechner, Event Producer - David Grant Special Events

"Many thanks for the inspiring experience and I hope we have the opportunity of working together again."
Sue Wallace - Rennies Incentive

"Amazing everyone is still reeling from the synergy we felt together. We enjoyed it immensely."
Judy Jane - Australian Scholarship Group

"Thanks for the wonderful hour. It was just incredible."
Donna Teasdale, Supply Chain Manager - Housewares International

"It was great. All the participants thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Initially I was worried that no one would get involved, but within minutes the NSW Premiers Department, were playing the drums and
making great music together."
Ashley Leibowitz - The Nous Group

"Everybody got something out of the drumming and it was a fantastic opening to our themed
conference of All for One & One for All."
Joy Sapier - Brother International

"Drum Cafe was fantastic, we have had great feedback from our staff and families about the Christmas day and especially about the drumming."
Tammy Iselt, HR Manager - BOC

"Congratulations to the Drum Cafe on an excellent Performance. It was an experience enjoyed by all."
Marketing Managers- Symantec Australia Pacific

"Drum Cafe will be the draw card for every conference we hold in the future. Everyone has not
stopped talking and raving about it. Thank you."
Kevin Marron - Interchange Conference Organizer

"Thank you for helping our team end the year on such a high note. The drumming session was a
superb form of interactive entertainment for us and it was nice to see everyone joining in and having
fun together. You fulfilled our brief very well, I had many people thank me for organising something
that everyone could participant in and enjoy."
Yasim Schubach, National Co-ordinator - Ipac

"Definitely one of the better Team Building events we have ever done."
Ingrid Hall, Managing Director - Photo Corporation Australia

"It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and the team also!"
Beth Ferrari - Louise Withers & Associates

"We had many comments from our clients after our Christmas party, about what a great experience
The Drum Cafe was."
Heather Jersky Edelstein, Managing Director - Sols Legal

"Thank you and your team so much for your wonderful zest, energy, exuberance, positivity and your words of wisdom. I cannot describe the experience or feeling you left the Campbell Page Team with yesterday. It is a wonderful gift you have given us, a true experience of unity and joy."
Samantha Hansen, Team Leader - Campbell Page

"I am usually a passenger, and would never have seen myself sitting in a circle drumming with
others. I am not a passenger anymore, I am a participator."
Engineers of Randwick Army Barracks

"Terrific - It was good to get people out of their comfort zones and having so much fun, while
bonding. I have even requested a video of the event, so we can all experience it again."
Avron Newstadt - Allen & Buckeridge

"It was the best way I have ever started a conference."
GP Conference - Manly Warringah Division of General Practice

“I thought it was excellent. I could never have imagined how something as simple as music could
bring disjointed people together into one single unit”
Brian - Beacon Group

"I have been involved with a number of team building exercises, most of which tend to be unengaging. The Drum Café’s unique approach encourages audience participation and serves as an excellent forum for team building."
Howard Ware, Joint Managing Director - Insurance Line

"The Drum Cafe's performance proved to be an exhilarating and dynamic way to create interest and
attract attention to my store. Thank you Drum Cafe."
Mike Glezzerson, MD - SecureWorks, SupaCentre Moore Park

"Some of our clients have phoned us to say that they want to do more business with us. When I asked why, they said that they had drummed with us at our launch and had enjoyed our vibe."
Marketing Director - One Technology Group

"Mind blowing, outstanding, exceptional, a great success."
Mirella Giovagnolli - MD G&G Travel

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"Something that we will be talking about for a long time."

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