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Bridal Party Backing Drummers!

Let the Drum Café provide the perfect welcome for your wedding reception arrival!

Master Drummer Sibo in Traditional African Dress

Drumming has been used for centuries to mark special occasions; the energy of group drumming is quite literally felt in the room by all and creates a truly unique dynamic for all to remember!

Family and Friends Celebrate Through Song

While our team of musicians weave their magic through the soundscape, the ice is broken as family and friends find themselves smiling, laughing and singing to the same beat in no time.

The Newlyweds Arrive

An ideal welcome for the newlyweds, where family and friends create the music!


A drum for each guest...

Let each of your guests sound their very own celebratory Djembe drum!

Interactive Drumming...

A unique and dynamic energy is brought into the room within minutes. Unique. Dynamic. Unforgettable.






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