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Interactive drumming is a powerful and unifying experience for children from ages five to eighteen.
The Drum Cafe uses a specialized team for school events. Each participant gets a drum and through a facilitated circle, is taught how to play the drum and listen to others and this culminates into an
exciting and fun experience. This experience has various benefits:

The Power & Benefits of Drumming

  • Left & Right Brain Integration
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Anger Release
  • Hand, eye and ear co-ordination
  • Enhances expression
  • Group bonding
  • Co-operative rather than competitive
  • Healthy alternative to drugs and alcohol
  • Promotes socialization
  • Multi-cultural experience
  • Breaks down cultural, gender and age barriers
  • Builds self-esteem
  • Promotes individuality
  • Promotes leadership
  • Promotes individuals uniqueness and their important contribution to the group
  • Fun Fun Fun

Drum Cafe Australia school eventsThe Drum Café has worked with many schools bringing students, staff and parents together for an unforgettable experience. As a fundraiser or workshop The Drum Café experience creates a dynamic and exciting event that unites people, organizations and companies.

Staff Workshops:

Staff workshops are a great way to unite a staff body together and acknowledge their importance.
The drum circle provides the staff with a way to de-stress and feel the power of being part of a team. The teacher has a demanding job and is required to give of him/herself continually. An interactive drumming circle is a super way to allow the staff to be fulfilled and to feel energized and motivated for the year.

Staff workshops are targeted toward the staff coming together as a unit through which the school values and goals are strengthened.

“What a night you gave us. It was truly a privilege to be a part of your incredibly innovative and rhythmic music making evening”
Shelley Sacks – Association of Nursery Schools, New South Wales


“Everybody raved about it, it was excellent. Thoroughly inspirational and motivating.”
Andy Segal – Teacher Masada College, Lindfield

“Thank you so much for you time, and valuable energy. The experience was fantastic”
Ann Swartz – Vaucluse Public School

“It is amazing to watch children who usually have such short attention spans, become so engrossed in the interaction you facilitate for up to an hour”
Captain Starbright– Starlight Express Room – Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick Hospital

‘The educational benefits of this workshop were unbeknown to all the children, as they had great fun –the experience created great excitement and camaraderie and the outcome left spectating mothers’ amazed”
Tammy Leeb - Playball Kids Sport - Australia

“The students loved it. They were totally engaged. We will be contacting you soon, to arrange more drum circles. Thank you”
Jacki Jankelow – Yeshiva College Dover Heights

“The dynamism and enthusiasm of the Drum Café staff was astounding.The levels of interaction and relaxed atmosphere allowed all the participants to contribute according to their means for the benefit of the entire group.”
Brett Caminsky – Managing Member Life Works

“The entire experience was one of great value for the students. They were completely absorbed in the proceedings and participated with enthusiasm. The atmosphere was electric and the students were lost in the enjoyment.”
Jenny Raikin, Assistant Director of Studies – Meridian International School

“The children were enthralled and thoroughly enjoyed the exciting Drum experience that was presented to our school.”
Suzanne Miller – Principal Sydenham Highlands North School

“It was an exhilarating experience and I had mountains of fun!”
Student (age 14)

Workshops include:

  • Team of musicians
  • Bass Player
  • Didgeridoo player
  • Facilitator
  • Rhythm Keeper
  • Drum for each participant
  • A selection of percussion instrument

Structure of the Programme:

The programme lasts from 35 – 45 minutes depending on the age of the group.
The programme is structured with a variety of exercises designed to encourage, develop and engage all participants. If you require further information or a demonstration we would be happy to assist. If a school is working with a specific theme, we can cater for this by incorporating this concept into the drumming circle.

Drum Cafe Australia school events
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