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Imagine the power of your whole company making music together!

Music has the power to transform, inspire, move and motivate us both as individuals and groups. This is because we all strongly identify to music. It is a shaping force in our world.

corporate team building events australiaFor conferences, events, team building and team bonding activities, companies around Australia and the world are drumming and working in harmony with the beat of The Drum Cafe.

Interactive drumming is a cutting edge tool increasingly being used in the business environment to develop unity in the workplace. For centuries people have used drumming to release stress, raise their spirits, enhance clarity and focus, and develop a culture of co-operation and community.

conferences events company team bonding exercisesWe illustrate that in the same way as music is structured, so too is an organization - each individual and department plays a specific role within the company for its effective and successful functioning. Communicating with each other allows music to created!

Included in our team are some of the top drummers and musicians in the world that add energy to your conference, teambuilding event or team building activities, celebration or special event, incentive programme, product launch and training or leadership programs. For Corporate Entertainment, Awards Dinners and all kinds of meetings - Drum Cafe presents energisers for company events all across Australia.


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Drumcafe and Drum Cafe are Registered Trade Marks. We offer Team building drumming and corporate entertainment for conferences events and meetings, Corporate drumming and interactive entertainment for functions, parties and events. Team building ideas and corporate event entertainment. Drumming shows.

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Interactive Drumming,
a powerful way to create unity...

Team Building through drumming
Participating in an exercise in communication, effective listening skills and the power of a truly synchronized team has great benefit for any business. It promotes the power of communication, synergy and harmony.

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Drum Café has been used
by 130 of the top 400
companies in the world
and with a history of over
2000 events in 19 Countries;
The Drum Café has the
experience to deliver
an unforgettable
interactive event.

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