The drum circle itself is an interactive experience where each delegate is given a djembe drum and is guided by an experienced facilitator. Within minutes the whole group is transformed into a drumming ensemble and are creating beautiful music. You have to see it to believe it, and is incredible to watch how naturally people take to drumming and music making.

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Today, The Drum Cafe brings this powerful team building method to conferences, events, team bonding activities and special events. It is a technique that has been tried and tested for centuries. The Drum Cafe uses this as a powerful teambuilding method because when it works, the effect is immediate. Everyone can feel it and hear it. Everyone can also hear when it is not working …everyone can feel it. This makes it a great diagnostic tool. You have to be aware of your neighbor, and if you get lost, the group can carry you, it can hold you till you find your place again.

Ideally well-run companies have motivated employees who all work together for one common goal - the success of the company. In reality this is often not the case. The Drum Cafe highlights teamwork while everyone participates in drumming together. More than simply working together, your employees will discover that they are all working together for the same-shared goal. Each person, no matter how small his or her part may be, has an important contribution to make to the whole.